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We believe organizations run on relationships. Where every employee, client, and conversation grows because of an equitable & inclusive culture.

Inclusivity begins with understanding

That’s why we crafted our 2024 Culture Calendar — a comprehensive guide highlighting over 250 cultural dates, observances, and celebrations. This is more than just a calendar; it’s a testament to our commitment to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within organizations.

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Notice, we aren’t saying “safe space.”

That’s because the elements of one person’s safe space might not be the same for another.

It’s about creating an equitable space that welcomes wholeness because the only way to unlock the fullness of your genius is to be able to pull from the fullness of yourself.

We know that accountable, inclusive, and diverse spaces are what bring out the best in talent, having direct benefit to engagement, innovation, productivity, profitability, and impact.

We partner with committed organizations to create equitable and inclusive spaces that allow all talent to thrive, authentically.

We help create equitable workspaces where underrepresented talent can show up whole, authentic, and able to access 100% of their genius.

Historically, marginalized employees have felt the need to hide their full selves from their workplaces. Exposing the nuances of who they are meant the risk of being underappreciated or undervalued.

However, it’s usually those nuances that most benefit employees, their relationships with their colleagues, and the overall performance of their teams, which builds a strong foundation for an organization to succeed. 

We make spaces for those nuances to show up. So employees feel free to unleash their full selves and carry out their full potential in ways that are most authentic to the individuals they are. 

Our ultimate goal is to unleash the collective genius of underrepresented talent around the world and generate quantum leaps of profitability, productivity, and impact for the organizations that employ them.

Culture is Created & Maintained in the Middle

Many organizations jump to the conclusion that change starts at the top. They’re right. Everything does start at the top, however, change is implemented in the middle. Without the managers in the middle, even the best-laid plans can fail. Middle management is the connection between the idea and its realization, and neglecting the attention they need means the best intentions fizzle out before anyone can witness them.

We have found middle management is where culture is created and maintained. It’s the habits of managers, supervisors, and client-facing team members who take DEI recommendations, professional development, leadership acumen, and talent development and bring them to life. Without the habitual consistency, all you have is a diversity statement, low employee engagement, and the cumulative cost of lost talent.

Our combination of strategy, training, individual coaching, and organizational learning covers every level from executive coaching to developing high potential talent, with an emphasis on mid-level leaders. Too often, they’re left behind, and we ensure they are held to a level of knowledge, accountability, and implementation that brings your culture to life.

Our Team
We are building a collective of creative innovators who understand the reality of today and have a vision for tomorrow.

We take our approach to culture cultivation seriously, knowing only a strategic, data-driven, tailored plan will fit the organizations we support.

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