Culture By Design, Not Default

We understand how important the bottom line is to organizations. More innovation drives productivity which leads to more profit and more impact. However, most organizations underestimate the largest influence in creating an effective bottom line: a communicative company culture that allows all employees to show up fully.

Your organization is a work in progress.

So is your team.

We know that when DEIB initiatives and professional development programming are managed in silos, they are ineffective. Instead, we take a holistic approach to culture design and transformation by blending DEIB strategy with professional development and rooting it in coaching to build strong teams and skilled leadership. 

Culture spans your entire organization. Our services cover every angle.

Gain a deep understanding of how your day-to-day processes impact your employees’ experiences through our comprehensive assessments. Develop a 360 degree culture strategy with the support of expert consultation. Grow your cultural experiences together with tailored professional development. Sustain your work by empowering leaders through group and one-on-one coaching.

Four people with different pronoun preferences and races sitting on the stage discussing the importance of DEI in product development

Our Core Services

Cultivate Leaders

Leadership Development Program

Our signature leadership development program, Cultivate Leaders, is designed to address what we consider to be the most important and most overlooked segment of organizations, middle managers. With two tracks, one for new managers and another for more seasoned managers, Over the course of 3-6 months, leaders will be immersed in a transformative, cohort based development program to help them better build trust, establish psychological safety, develop their talent, and elevate their leadership effectiveness.

The Pursuit Of Equity

DEIB Learning Series

Our signature DEIB learning series, The Pursuit of Equity, lays the foundation for inclusion across organizations by taking participants on an engaging and transformative journey of exploration, reflection, and growth. Covering topics including race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and differing abilities, organizations can tailor a learning experience that best meets the needs of their team members.

Culture Conversations

Signature Events 

Our versatile Culture Conversations Series is designed to help organizations communicate and collaborate more effectively and design equitable and innovative cultures across countries, functional groups, and intersections of diversity. Culture Conversations spark discussions with the power to open minds, deepen connection, build trust and transform culture.

Intentional Integration

Jumping into diversity recruitment, signing up for a single webinar, or booking a one-time workshop for your team sounds like a good start.

But after the hour-long presentation, your team leaves the knowledge on the table, and your new recruit realizes the culture they walked into isn’t as welcoming or nurturing as they had hoped.

So how do organizations create a sustainable culture that allows every person to show up authentically?

Through intentional integration that combines culture, systems, and processes to develop, promote, and maintain the diverse talent you attract.

Our Approach

Our signature, three-step Culture A.D.D. Framework is specifically designed to refine an organization’s culture based on past data and future goals.

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Cultural Assessment Report & Recommendations

We take an in-depth analysis of policies and procedures as well as current leadership habits. By understanding what is in current play within an organization, we can spot any inequitable holes and develop recommendations to fill them now and prevent them in the future.

Rollout Plan & Timeline

We understand that without a plan for implementation, the knowledge of how to maintain a healthy organizational culture dies out completely. Culture Refinery will strategize and create short-term and long-term plans to ensure integration where it matters. This can include custom curriculum for education and implementation of the customized strategy.

Culture Creation & Refinery

We view ourselves as an extension of an organization’s team. Therefore, we encourage the use of our coaching sessions, which facilitate step-by-step instructions on how to integrate strategy so it sticks. This is also where we deliver any custom designed curriculum and learning interventions

We believe there is no one size fits all approach to creating a sustainably authentic culture. Our framework is tailored to each organization’s needs and goals to create customized results.

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