December 2022


Universal Human Rights Month

In December, stand up for the rights and dignity of all individuals, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, (dis)ability, or any other cultural or identifying information. Do you know your state/country’s human rights laws? Take this time to refresh your memory of them and ensure that your organization is compliant. Also, take a look at any partnerships you may have with businesses or organizations. Are they also compliant? 


International Volunteer Day (December 5)

What causes are you passionate about? Which nonprofits or organizations are actively participating on behalf of those causes? Individually, find an organization that speaks to you and volunteer to fight their causes with them. On an organizational level, offer up paid days off so your staff can volunteer their time with the organizations that also speak to them. 


Kwanzaa Begins (December 26)

Kwanzaa is the annual celebration of African-American culture based on African harvest festival traditions. Take the time to learn the principles of Kwanzaa and how Black people all over the world are encouraged to embody them. Recognize its limitations. Respect its existence. Offer paid days off for those who honor this time.


2023 Culture Calendar

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