November 2022



Known for being the “mustache month,” Movember moves to bring awareness to men’s health issues. Encourage cisgender men in your organization to get prostate exams. Consider how as an organization, you could raise funds to donate to men’s mental health facilities. 


Stress Awareness Day (November 2)

Celebrated every first Wednesday of November, Stress Awareness Day aims to identify and reduce stress factors for you to live happier and healthier, both physically and mentally. Does your organization make self-care a priority? Do you encourage exercise so your staff can stimulate their bodies and minds? If you provide health benefits, do they include therapy or psychology visits?


Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20)

In honor and memory of Rita Hester, this day commemorates all transgender people lost in violence. Consider the ways you or your organization might be passively supporting transgender violence rather than actively supporting their rights. Do you know your staff members’ pronouns? Do you use them correctly? Are there workplace protections in place for trans people?


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